You are Making a Difference

And the Lord said unto Noah, “Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen the righteous before me in this generation (Gen. 7:1).”

Princess, one righteous man can make a tremendous impact. Don’t ever question your sphere of influence. Your decision to remain pure unto the Lord and reverence His very being, is making a difference. Because of one man’s right standing with God, humankind was spared. ONE MAN impacted thousands of generations to come; including yours!

Though you may be standing alone, you won’t be standing alone forever, for your faithfulness will cause others to rise up right along side of you!

“There will always be some, at times only a few, who will worship God, remain faithful to Him, obey His Word, and wait for His promises. These people will be a minority, yet God marks their names as He did the people in this chapter (Gen. 5). Today, if you feel you are standing alone in your faith in God and your response to His Word, you must remember you are really never alone. God still has his thousands throughout the Earth who remain faithful to Him and His cause.”

Even I am standing with you. Precious soul, stay encouraged.