Dear Self (Philippians)

March 11, 2019

Rebecka Walter

Philippians 4:4; 6-8; 11; 13; 16-17

Dear Self,

(4) Dear self, rejoice in the Lord always. Why? Because He is good, and His love endures forever. He is worth every bit of your praise.

(6-8) Dear self, always tell Jesus what’s on your mind. Yes, He already knows, but He loves to fellowship with you. He wants to not only know your heart, but to also hear it. Tell Him what hurts. Tell Him about every tear, and hug Him. He has a warm embrace. And always thank Him for what He’s done. Thank Him for His Word. It gives you something sure to stand on.

Whatever unkind or difficult thoughts encompass your mind, refuse to dwell on them. Do not claim them, for they are not your thoughts. You are a new creature. Feelings are just that; feelings. Feelings are meant to indicate, but not dictate. Cast all thoughts down that are not from God. How do you recognize a foreign thought; one that doesn’t belong? By knowing what God says about you. Ultimately, take all thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. Think on the true, comforting, and trustworthy things of God. Don’t give any more time to Satan by worrying or stressing. God never wants that for you.

(11) Dear self, yes, you certainly have a destiny, and you should definitely name it, claim it, speak it into existence, and thank God for it, but refuse to overlook where God has you right now. Always decorate the season you’re in, for it is preparing you for the next step. Stay close with God, because any time spent with God is never time wasted.

(13) Dear self, you can do this. How? By relying on God, because in your weakness, He gives you His strength. Your power alone cannot do what His power through you can.

(16-17) Dear self, finally, receive the sincere and blessed gifts from your sweet brothers and sisters, for if you don’t, you are taking away their blessing. Let them help you. It’s okay.