What You Don’t See, Be

Rebecka Walter

The way Jesus designed family is unfortunately contrary to what the world has fashioned it to be. Many families today are broken, and far too often void of a father’s presence. If a father is present, he doesn’t usually mirror our Heavenly Father, thus creating a false image of who God really is.

See, I believe our earthly father was created to depict our Heavenly Father, for a man is called to lead as Christ leads the church (Ephesians 5). Without this divine concept, a fatherless generation is left loving through broken pieces.

I was part of that generation, resulting in my image of God resembling what I experienced as a young girl. BUT later in life, God not only revealed His true, compassionate self to me, He also blessed me with an amazing earthly father, ultimately restoring what the enemy stole (1 John 4:8, John 10:10).

I captured this moment last night at church during prayer. It shows a man leading by example. Let this picture bring you hope today! Not only does it portray a man fulfilling a role ordained by God, it also reveals a next generation who is hungry and desperate for Jesus.

I encourage you to shift your perspective. Broken daddy’s are broken people, and this next generation rising up behind us isn’t as hopeless as so many fail to see. Instead of speaking death into something already damaged, hurt, and abused, speak life and become what is absent in the lives of those whom God cherishes and loves so dearly (Philippians 2:4).

It Is Time To Stand

Rebecka Walter

Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come (John 16:13).

On the weekend of June 26, 2020, I awoke in the early morning hours from a dream that left me feeling not only relieved, but also disturbed. God showed me a disarray of puzzle pieces that once comprised a beautiful masterpiece, explaining that the broken pieces depicted America.

“Just as a broken puzzle takes time to piece back together, the same is true for America.” -God

When I opened my eyes, I sensed that the scattered pieces not only represented a broken Nation, but also a shaking proceeding right from the hand of God. I was unsettled, because I finally understood the dire state of our Nation, yet comforted, because I believe that God has every intent to piece America back together. But, we certainly have a part to play.

On the weekend of July 4, 2020, the Spirit, revealing the devil’s desired agenda, gave me another dream, but this time America was overtaken! Our freedom was unjustly revoked! We suddenly had to be very mindful of our words, for we no longer had the security of the first amendment! We were impelled to praise those in authority, reverencing them regardless if they were righteous or evil. The school systems, which teach our children, were likewise corrupted! Furthermore, people lived in fear as fear dwelled in them. Consequently, these same people were so afraid of offending others they never stood up for right! As my dream was ending, I saw the same scattered puzzle pieces God previously unveiled. 

Jeremiah Johnson, a God-appointed prophet to this Nation, recently encountered a similar dream:

“Lady Liberty is up to her neck in the floodwaters of destruction that represent tyranny, anarchy, and a demonic agenda that seeks to destroy the freedoms that this great nation was founded upon…”

I come to you with Holy righteous anger, urgently declaring that we are now in a time when we have to choose and KNOW what we stand for. We must refuse anything that gets in the way of right and Truth! It is time to STAND even if we are standing alone!

This isn’t always easy. In fact, my convictions recently positioned me on the forefront of this very dilemma, and my choice to stand cost me dearly. But Jesus assured me that I do not under stand – or undermine my stand, rather, through His strength, I stand tall on the Truth, declaring what’s right, despite the cost. 

The words of Jeremiah Johnson continue:

“There is a mighty end time revival that is coming to a remnant in America who will not live in fear and will speak up at all costs…the remnant began to roar!”

We must never forget what our forefathers fought for centuries ago. GOD IS AND WILL HONOR THE PRAYERS THAT ARE EMBEDDED IN THE FOUNDATION OF THIS LAND, but we must be the wave of intercession our King can ride in on!

Are you part of that fearless remnant making way for that mighty end-time revival? Will you UNDER stand by undermining the truth, or will you stand tall for what is right regardless of the cost?

The First Outpouring in Murphy

Rebecka Walter

My family and I recently packed our bags and traveled the roads to the Smoky Mountains. One of my favorite stops along the way was visiting the place of the first recorded outpouring of God in this country; Murphy, North Carolina! This particular move of God took place in the latter part of the 1800s, even before the well-known Azusa Street revival.

It all began in Tennessee when two young men, mighty preachers of the Word of God, decided to pray for an encounter. It wasn’t long before they moved their intercession to a small school house in Murphy. But when many of the town’s people witnessed the powerful manifestation of the Holy Ghost, they spitefully forced the people to leave the school house out of fear (Mark 16:17-18).

The people, refusing to quench the move of God, as well as bow down to lifeless religion, built a log church just up the road and continued participating in what God so desired to bring to Earth again (Acts 2). Many experienced the miraculous power of God for the first time in their life, thus eagerly expanding the greatest Kingdom ever created.

Unfortunately, as before, it didn’t take long for the enemy to rise up in fear with the unmistakable intent to extinguish the Fire. Furthermore, those enabling the devil’s agenda, attempted to burn down the log church, but their plans divinely failed as rain fell from heaven. Soon after, however, they succeeded in tearing down every log and burning them piece by piece.

Once relocated to a house nearby, hooded men, riding their horses, extended threats and hatred toward those involved in this revival. Yet, one woman in particular, standing firm in the faith of Jesus Christ, absolutely refused to surrender to the adversary. Understanding her real fight, instead of promoting violence, she extended love, and a gracious hand, and actually invited the men into her own home for a meal (Ephesians 6).

Princess, this is actually quite an incredible story, and I encourage you to dive into this part of history and discover some of its greatest treasure, such as this very powerful account! The only thing standing today, reminding us of such tenacity, Truth, genuine love, and martyrship, are monuments that rest in the places where this all unfolded a century ago.

I can only hope that I too could’ve stood right beside the souls of those who so desperately, and unwaveringly desired to share such an amazing God with such a broken world; one that is certainly in need of a Savior. Could you stand too, Princess – especially in the world we live in today?

For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed (James 1:6).

Marriage is Not a Destination

Rebecka Walter

And now, my daughter, do not fear. I will do for you all that you request, for all the people of my town know that you are a virtuous woman (Ruth 3:11).

Princess, notice, that Boaz initially recognized Ruth’s virtuous character before anything else; a noble character – something that evolves in private, as a relationship with God ensues. When it was time for true love to awaken, Ruth already embodied what made her a beautiful wife, so stop waiting for your Boaz and start preparing for him instead.

Do not fall in love with the idea of marriage, forgetting what it truly is and what it actually  represents. Although others around you may have made it to the alter, that does not mean they’ve made it there with their husbands.

It is important to align yourself with the season that God has prepared for you right now, and make time to connect with the One who created you.

Princess, everyone is given a different path to walk, and different does not mean wrong. Your journey is in comparable to anyone else, so release the labels that bind you.

Singleness isn’t a disease, it’s not a germ, it doesn’t erase your value, and it certainly doesn’t discredit your purpose.

In actuality, marriage will not cause you to lose what makes you individually unique. Instead, your Boaz will compliment you, by adding to what God already completes, because your identity comes through Jesus Christ alone.

Princes, this is not a race, and marriage is not a destination. Rather, it is a beautiful chapter to your story.

Therefore, do not search, do not beg, do not be filled with sorrow, do not become desperate, but simply position yourself by cultivating the relationship with the One who breathed life into you.

You are a masterpiece. You carry Something special without your Boaz, and together you will carry something special with him.

God knows you better than you know yourself, and He knows exactly who to place in your life and when to do it.

What’s in Your Heart’s Kitchen?

Rebecka Walter

A man shall eat good by the fruit of his mouth: but the soul of the transgressors shall eat violence. He that keepeth his mouth keepeth his life: but he that openeth wide his lips shall have destruction (Proverbs 13:2-3).

Are your lips producing good fruit or bad fruit, righteous fruit or evil fruit, healthy fruit or rotten fruit, desirable fruit or distasteful fruit? Are your lips producing fruit that is genetically modified by man-made understanding or fruit that is organically grown by Holy Spirit-inspired truth (2 Timothy 3:16)?

We eat what we say by dining on the words we speak, for what we say produces the fruit we eat. Therefore, even if unintentionally, the tongue of the sinner produces vile fruit, because the mouth speaks what is in the heart’s kitchen (Matthew 12:34). But a heart that is purified, and cleansed by the blood of the Lamb, produces speech that is free from harmful chemicals, and unnatural hormones and antibiotics, resulting in clean and delightful fruit.

Vile fruit produced by the sinner is vile to the producer and to the consumer, because the words we speak have the ability to not only determine our diet, but the diet of the person receiving them.

Perhaps this is why bad company corrupts good morals (1 Corinthians 15:33), and why darkness and light cannot mix (2 Corinthians 6:15)? Why commune with, or stay in the company of, darkness? Is this not why we separate ourselves from the world (John 17:16)?

Words have power. They can create or destroy (Proverbs 18:21; Matthew 21:19; Mark 11:20). They can produce health or assure disease.

Ultimately, We determine the menu of our dining room by what we speak, and the outcome of our life or the health of our soul is not only determined by what we physically eat but by what we spiritually consume as well.

Things Aren’t Always as They Appear

Rebecka Walter

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord (Isaiah 54:17).

Last night I had a dream that an ambush of tigers invaded my backyard just as dawn was breaking. In mission mode, they made their way through the fence and began attacking! They punctured my skin and snarled, flashing their teeth! I fought back with all my might! Eventually, I yelled, “IN THE NAME OF JESUS!”

They began backing away just as the sun started rising in the sky. This allowed me to see more clearly. I then quickly noticed that the ambush of tigers was nothing more than an amateur group of cubs.

Princess, here is what I want to say: This dream reminded me of four valuable things…

1. The name of Jesus IS indeed above every other name.
2. The attacks on our life aren’t as big as they appear.
3. When the SON shines, the truth is always revealed.
4. We may be wounded in battle, but we will not die.

You’re not Fighting God

Rebecka Walter

Princess, don’t be surprised when trials come, for we live in a fallen world where suffering is an unavoidable reality.

Do not forget that the Son of God suffered too. Not only for the sake of His Father’s will, but also for the sake of us.

Jesus was in such agony when He went to the cross that He sweat drops of blood. He made it through, only by his Father’s strength and the understanding of what was to come.

He didn’t dwell on the present circumstance or the aganoy that overwhelmed Him, but the promise that was on the other side.

Princess, this life we live is only a vapor. It is here but will soon be gone. So, don’t let satan steal another minute of your joy. Attack whatever unfortunate circumstance you are facing today, with the corresponding promise in the Word of God.

Your battle is not a fight against you and God.

Princess, your fight is against you and your adversary.

Rescue Them

Rebecka Walter

[1 Peter 4:3] Because we are new creatures, recreated into the image of God, should we now walk away from those who curse and slander us? No… we’re not fighting them.

[1 Peter 4:4-6] Princess, those who stay in the past, will not understand your walk into the future. Those who gratify their flesh, will not understand your desire to crucify it. Those who walk in the ways of this world, will not understand your walk in the ways of the Spirit, but likewise, you haven’t always understood those who chased the ways of God.

Every outcome has a destiny – death or life. Therefore, those born of the Spirit have a destiny of life, but don’t forget those walking in the ways of this world with a destiny of death. They need what you have.

Princess, RESCUE THEM.

Find Purpose in Your Palace

Rebecka Walter

“…Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14 NLT)

Remember the story of Queen Esther? Initially, she was an ordinary girl like you and me. She wasn’t always reverenced as Queen, she didn’t always call the palace home, and her life wasn’t always an easy one to live.

As a young girl, she lost both parents, but thankfully, her cousin, Mordecai, took her into his home and cared for her. When he discovered the King was looking for a Queen, he knew it was time for Esther to fulfill her God-given destiny.

Once living in the palace, she had the opportunity to save her people; the Jewish people – God’s chosen people, from total destruction.

Mordecai knew this was her purpose as Queen and urged her to fulfill it.

What would have happened if she refused to act? What would have happened if she didn’t obey? What would have happened if she let fear override the call God placed on her life?

Well, you are a Queen too, and where you are is your palace. This is your time to shine.
Do not let where you came from determine where you are going. And do not think for a second that you can’t make an impact like Queen Esther simply because you’re not saving an entire nationality of people, for nothing is too little when a big God is involved.

This is your opportunity to raise your crown and make a difference where you are. Find purpose in your palace, Queen *insert your name*. We need you.

Without God, we are Nothing

Rebecka Walter

(1 Corinthians 13:1-3) Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not CHARITY, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not CHARITY, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not CHARITY, it profiteth me nothing.

Princess, this is a very powerful passage filled with vessels of hidden treasure! Some versions of the Bible translate the word CHARITY into the word LOVE, which is accurate. But if you dig even deeper, you will discover that CHARITY is actually translated from the Greek word AGAPE, which is the very epitome of God Himself.

(1 John 4:8) …God is love (agape).

In other words, Princess, you could read this passage like this: …I could remove mountains, but if I have not God, I am nothing…I could give my body to be burned, but if I have not God, I am nothing…

Let’s keep digging! Acts 17:28 reminds us that it is in Him in which we live, and move, and have our being, and in the 15th chapter of John, we are promised that without Jesus we can do nothing. Finally, Psalm 103:14 declares that God knoweth our frame and remembereth that we are mere dust.

Princess, we simply need God. Without Him, we are nothing. Without our Creator, we will wither away just like the plants, the animals, and the unbelievers who went before us, for alone, we are mere mortals.

We can do everything this world considers good, praiseworthy, and plausible, but without God it is useless. We can give all we have to the poor, move every mountain that stands in our way, sacrifice our own body for the sake of others, and even prophesy to the bountiful nations, but if we don’t have charity (love, agape, God), we are nothing.

For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?