You Swim In My Heart

Rebecka Lauffer

As I reflect upon this new life God gifted me with, I can’t help but remember having a very special conversation with my daughter, Olivia, one afternoon not long ago.

She asked me what it meant to be a step-mom. Wondering how to respond in a way a 6-year-old could understand, I prayerfully replied, “Well, baby, it means you may not have swam in my belly, but you swim in my heart.”
“I swim in your heart?” She questioned.
Assuredly I answered, “Yes. It means I get to love you so big.”

Her infectious smiled mirrored the sun, as she leaped into my arms, squeezed me tightly, and warmed my cheek with a kiss before bouncing off to play again.

In July of 2021, Before I said, “I do”, I remember worrying about how I was going to be a wife and a mom. Yet trusting in God, I jumped into the unknown. I’m sure I initially looked like a fish out of water loudly gasping for air, for there have been plenty of moments where it’s been awkward, frustrating, emotional, exhausting, messy, but undeniably rewarding.

And now, we’re simply planning birthday parties, writing Christmas lists, loving summer camp, playing in sprinklers, having picnics, eating oranges, building sand castels, styling hair, and enjoying life.

Moms, step-moms, grandmas, aunts, sisters, teachers, whatever they call you… Don’t give up! In the process of time, as Hannah discovered, as you learn and grow, follow the One who created you for the incredible and impactful leader you truly are (1 Samuel 1:20). This chapter of your life will soon be instinctive and completely worth it, because God chose YOU to speak life into the next generation following your example (1 Thessalonians 5:24).

Remember, Princess, family is divinely created in the heart, and knitted together by the very God that breathed His breath into your lungs.

Now, I simply can’t imagine life any other way. Let the God who designed family destine your own. Give God the pencil, Princess. You need not worry about tomorrow (Luke 12:22).