Be Not Afraid, Only Believe

Rebecka Lauffer

“…be not afraid. Only believe.”

These words were spoken directly from Jesus Himself in the latter part of Mark 5.

If you remember, when Jesus speaks this simple, yet profound, command, He is in the middle of a divine appointment from God. Earlier in this same passage, a desperate father ran to Jesus begging Him to heal his sick daughter. But while Jesus was on His way to release a miracle in this man’s life, God briefly redirected His ship.

People soon approached the man, saying: don’t even worry about it at this point; your daughter’s dead.

Jesus’ quick response was simple yet profound: “Don’t be afraid. Only believe.”

Let this encourage you. Whatever season you’re in – whether it be a season of waiting, quietness, preparation, or release, you don’t have to be AFRAID. Whatever you’re praying or trusting God for, you only have to BELIEVE.

Jesus did not tell the distressed father that He couldn’t grieve, he had to fully understand what was happening, or that he even had to know his next step at that exact moment; He simply instructed him not to let fear reign and to believe God.

Don’t forget, when Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were thrown into the firey furnace, God came through. When Moses met the raging waters of the Red Sea, God came through. When Gideon’s army decreased by thousands, God came through. When Peter was bound in prison, Paul was ship wrecked, Laserus was dead for 4 days, and Jesus for 3, God came through…

Princess, don’t be discouraged. What does the Word say, what has God spoken to you personally, what prophecies have you been given, or what has God promised you? He will come through.

The Biblical examples of this are endless, and I have no doubt the examples in your own life are too.

The command is simple, soldier: don’t be afraid. Only believe.