The Battle May Have Only Begun

Rebecka Walter

 In the latter part of 1 Samuel, chapter 17, following David’s victory in defeating Goliath, Saul’s reaction is anything but what some might expect it to be.

(55-56) As Saul watched David go out to fight the Philistine, he asked Abner, the commander of his army, “Abner, whose son is this young man?”
I really don’t know,” Abner declared.
Well, find out who he is!” the king told him (NLT).

Saul was not asking for David to applaud, thank, or advance him. He was actually asking for David, because he was intimidated by the divine power and anointing he carried with him. Instead of having a grateful heart towards the man who chose to solely believe God, ultimately saving his people, Saul allowed bitterness, envy, and fear to settle into the soil of his heart. Saul’s intent now, was ridding David from the kingdom, preventing his chance of rising above him and becoming more powerful.

As I read this part of the passage in my quiet time with Jesus, I understood that even though David, by recognizing the solider he was, waged war and conquered the threat against Israel, he now had to fight for his own life, confronting this very man who sent him into battle.

Then the Lord spoke to me, “Sometimes when you think the battle is over, it’s really only begun.”

Princess, this is not a time to quit! This is not a time to back down! Regardless of what battle you are confronting today, this is not a time to doubt the ability of your mighty God! Your prayers ARE fervent, availing much, and dynamic in nature (Jm. 5:13 AMP). Fear is a tactic, the enemy uses, meant to only shadow the true warrior that you are. Keep plowing, princess, and run that you may obtain it (1 Co. 9:24)!