What You Don’t See, Be

Rebecka Walter

The way Jesus designed family is unfortunately contrary to what the world has fashioned it to be. Many families today are broken, and far too often void of a father’s presence. If a father is present, he doesn’t usually mirror our Heavenly Father, thus creating a false image of who God really is.

See, I believe our earthly father was created to depict our Heavenly Father, for a man is called to lead as Christ leads the church (Ephesians 5). Without this divine concept, a fatherless generation is left loving through broken pieces.

I was part of that generation, resulting in my image of God resembling what I experienced as a young girl. BUT later in life, God not only revealed His true, compassionate self to me, He also blessed me with an amazing earthly father, ultimately restoring what the enemy stole (1 John 4:8, John 10:10).

I captured this moment last night at church during prayer. It shows a man leading by example. Let this picture bring you hope today! Not only does it portray a man fulfilling a role ordained by God, it also reveals a next generation who is hungry and desperate for Jesus.

I encourage you to shift your perspective. Broken daddy’s are broken people, and this next generation rising up behind us isn’t as hopeless as so many fail to see. Instead of speaking death into something already damaged, hurt, and abused, speak life and become what is absent in the lives of those whom God cherishes and loves so dearly (Philippians 2:4).