You’re not Fighting God

Rebecka Walter

Princess, don’t be surprised when trials come, for we live in a fallen world where suffering is an unavoidable reality.

Do not forget that the Son of God suffered too. Not only for the sake of His Father’s will, but also for the sake of us.

Jesus was in such agony when He went to the cross that He sweat drops of blood. He made it through, only by his Father’s strength and the understanding of what was to come.

He didn’t dwell on the present circumstance or the aganoy that overwhelmed Him, but the promise that was on the other side.

Princess, this life we live is only a vapor. It is here but will soon be gone. So, don’t let satan steal another minute of your joy. Attack whatever unfortunate circumstance you are facing today, with the corresponding promise in the Word of God.

Your battle is not a fight against you and God.

Princess, your fight is against you and your adversary.