Find Purpose in Your Palace

Rebecka Walter

“…Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14 NLT)

Remember the story of Queen Esther? Initially, she was an ordinary girl like you and me. She wasn’t always reverenced as Queen, she didn’t always call the palace home, and her life wasn’t always an easy one to live.

As a young girl, she lost both parents, but thankfully, her cousin, Mordecai, took her into his home and cared for her. When he discovered the King was looking for a Queen, he knew it was time for Esther to fulfill her God-given destiny.

Once living in the palace, she had the opportunity to save her people; the Jewish people – God’s chosen people, from total destruction.

Mordecai knew this was her purpose as Queen and urged her to fulfill it.

What would have happened if she refused to act? What would have happened if she didn’t obey? What would have happened if she let fear override the call God placed on her life?

Well, you are a Queen too, and where you are is your palace. This is your time to shine.
Do not let where you came from determine where you are going. And do not think for a second that you can’t make an impact like Queen Esther simply because you’re not saving an entire nationality of people, for nothing is too little when a big God is involved.

This is your opportunity to raise your crown and make a difference where you are. Find purpose in your palace, Queen *insert your name*. We need you.