Perhaps it’s not Devised, but Divine

Rebecka Walter

How would you treat every moment, whether it be an encounter with an unfamiliar person, a bonfire with your best friends, a dinner date with your spouse, a quick trip to the grocery store, a weekly gas station visit, or simply a personal Bible study with your Creator, if it was believed to be a Divine appointment from God?

Following a recent church service, Tara and I found ourselves drooling over an assortment of books in the lobby by the front entrance. As we sifted through the pile of literature on the table, our interest in the collection grew, as well as our hunger pangs. She and I were engaging in conversation, when an unfamiliar gentleman approached me. Having no idea of her exceptionally unusual hunger that morning, he asked, “Did you drive separately today, or did you ride with your friends?” A little surprised by his bold approach, I answered, “I rode with my friends.” He then proceeded to hand me three twenty-dollar bills, and warmly suggested, “Take your friends out to lunch.” Verifying his offer, I questioned, “Are you sure?” He replied, “Did I ask?” Partially in disbelief, I smiled and accepted his gratuity!

Shortly after this encounter transpired, Tara’s husband joined us in the foyer. “Corey!” I shouted with excitement. “Let’s all get some lunch!” an expression of bewilderment greeted us, and we eagerly explained the divine occurrence that unfolded moments earlier.

We decided to enjoy an afternoon at Cheddar’s, and understanding that this was a divine appointment, we purposely searched for an opportunity to share the love of Christ. The restaurant was unusually busy that day, which prevented visceral conversation with our waitress. However, before departing from the diner, we laid a tip on the table with a note that read: God bless you. Don’t ever question His faithfulness. Philippians 4:13.

Princess, sometimes we plant seeds that appear subtle or insignificant. But stay encouraged. Even if your actions seem small, you serve a much bigger God that is full of fertilizer (2 Corinthians 9:10)! Coincidences don’t exist. God directs your steps, Princess, and He leads you to divine appointments (Psalm 37:23). God is sending you. Everywhere you go, and everything you do carries great significance and permits an opportunity to expand the Kingdom of God! Princess, as you journey throughout your day, realize that your agenda is not devised, but rather it is divine.