You are in Preparation for Flight

Rebecka Walter

As I was walking home this morning and embracing the presence of my King, I stumbled across a baby bird laying in peace on the sidewalk. Clearly his wings failed him when his mother pushed him from the nest. I felt so awful, and I nearly cried noticing his failure. I wanted to help him, but he was already gone. Then the Lord spoke:

“This is why I prepare those who follow me. I make sure you are equipped, and I know when to push you out of the nest.”

Princess, God can turn anything into a teachable moment, and He surely used this little bird’s failure as an opportunity to teach me something very valuable today.

Special one, trust the season that you are currently embracing. Bloom where you are planted. If you answered the call, God is using you. He knows what you are ready for. He knows how to equip you. He knows when to promote you, and He knows when to shed light onto your next step.

You don’t look at a newborn baby and expect him to get up and walk. Growing is a process, learning is a process, understanding is a process, and leaving the nest is a process.

Do not feel less than simply because God doesn’t send babies onto the field, for He loves You far too much to watch you fail. You do not need a pulpit to be used by God. Your Creator knows when you are ready to move forward. “God knows what your mind can handle, what your arms can carry, and what your heart is ready for. Trust His plan and His timing.”

Special one, embrace the process. Don’t rush it. Something of value takes time to build, and you, my dear friend, are in preparation for flight.🦋