Pay it Forward

Rebecka Walter

I’m, what many would call, a book worm. I am an avid reader! Whenever the UPS delivers a new order of books, I sometimes envision myself doing cartwheels and somersaults all the way to my mail box!

One day as I was sifting through my collection, I realized that I had a few books I no longer wanted. My goal was to eliminate older, unwanted books, and make room for new arrivals! A few of the books that had made their way into the discard pile were required for previous classes. Knowing that college books can be expensive, I wanted to receive a refund by selling them back to Amazon where they were purchased. The first problem I encountered with this logical thought, was I had no idea how that process worked!

I logged into my Amazon account and started clicking on buttons that I felt may be the answer to my conundrum, but I found no solution. I could probably recite in detail how to access anything on an Amazon account except whatever is clicked on to sell back unwanted books! I even reached out to a few aquaintences for further assistance to no avail. Frustrated, I set the pile of books aside, intending to figure out the process another time.

A couple weeks passed, and as I began adding new books to my collection, I noticed the unwanted pile of books that still inhabited the corner of the book shelf where I had left them. I thought, well, I might as well just give them away at this point. Then the Lord spoke:

“I want you to take these books with you to class tonight. Lay them out on a table with a note that reads – ‘for anyone’.”
“Okay?” I replied. “I can do that.”
He continued, “Remember when you were initially enrolling into seminary, and you were worried because you didn’t have time to purchase the required readings before classes began?”
Completely intrigued by the conversation that was unfolding, I said, “Yes, I remember!”
“As you were sharing your concerns with Admissions, a woman overheard as she was walking by. She then lent you her books. Do you remember?”
“Yes!” I replied.
The Lord proceeded further, “Let’s bless someone! There is a girl who is in need of a specific book that is in this pile.” Immediately I somehow knew exactly which one He was referring to!
“Alright,” I said, waiting for the Lord to explain.
“She didn’t have the money to buy this book before the class began.”
Silence erupted following this remark.

I took a moment to ponder what had just occurred, because I honestly thought I might be crazy! I don’t recall a time where God has ever given me that much detail with any instruction! I wondered if my imagination was playing tricks on me!

Nonetheless, I obeyed. I retrieved an old plastic, Kroger bag, placed the unwanted books inside, and carried them to campus. I found a semi empty table in the snack area. Thinking this would be an ideal spot for students to visit, I laid the books out with a note that read, ‘for anyone’. I then proceeded to class.

A couple hours passed, and the professor released us for a short break. I made my way to the snack area, hoping to find some hot tea. I was very cold and needed something warm! As I walked towards the tea bags, I passed the table where I had previously laid the books. The very same book that the Lord had specifically told me a girl needed, was the only book missing from the pile.

Princess, We are God’s hands and feet. Be a vessel that Jesus can work through! Pay attention to what God places on your heart, for the Lord may very well be using you to answer someone else’s prayer. Pay it forward.