You Have Been Called, Princess

Rebecka Walter

I was patiently waiting in line at the grocery store, while a woman was having difficulties paying her bill with her WIC card. The line began backing up, and the cashier called for the manager. By this time they had removed some items from her bill, and the lady attempted to slide her card again. It declined. The woman, the cashier, and the manager began looking over each item wondering why the WIC card refused to allow the entire purchase.

The Holy Spirit then began speaking to me, “offer to pay the remaining balance.” It took me off guard, but I replied, “uh… God there are two people in between this lady and me, and I don’t want to just cut through the line. What would I even say?” He continued, “ask them to add the seedless Grapes and broccoli back onto the bill.”

I stood there wondering what to do (knowing good and well that I should listen without question). I tried forming the words I felt I should say in my head, but nothing seemed right. I was worried how I’d look, if I even had the extra money, or if she’d even accept my offer.

After some more time had passed, the gentleman standing in front of me spoke up, “ma’am, would paying the remaining balance help you out?” The lady gladly accepted and thanked him immensely. At that moment I felt absolutely terrible and beyond ridiculous that I chose fear over blessing someone. As I walked out of the store, I actually cried, wishing I would have obeyed.

Because I know the amazing God I serve, I know forgiveness was granted upon request, but I cannot go back and redo what I should have done when asked. I would have absolutely loved to have paid for that lady’s remaining balance, and I am not proud to admit that I let fear keep me from providing a blessing.

Nonetheless, the Holy Spirit used this incident as an opportunity to teach me a lesson. I realized that each of us has a calling on our life. We are each appointed to a specific area in the body of Christ. If we choose to ignore our purpose, God will choose someone else to complete what we refuse to start; similarly to the gentleman offering a blessing that I refused to provide.

What has God called you to do, Princess? Where has He appointed you in His kingdom? Are you following His lead, or are you allowing someone else to do the work God has equipped YOU for? Many are called, but few are chosen (Matthew 22:14).

“We will not be judged according to what we did. We will be judged in the light of what we are called to do.”
-John Bevere

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