Stop Putting Limitations on a Limitless God

Rebecka Walter

I recently endured a very challenging day for many reasons, and it encompassed one of the most sincere laments that I’ve expressed in such a long time. It was a difficult day to navigate through to say the least, but when I was able to make it back to my apartment after class, I literally fell to my knees, and with tear filled eyes, finally asked, “Lord, what do I do?” Instantly, the blanket that is covered in Scriptures, and that rest on the back of my living room chair, caught my attention. I read, “Be still and know that I am God.”

TWO WEEKS LATER: Mom and I were enjoying fellowship in celebration of my birthday, and upon receiving my gifts, I began laughing. She asked, “What’s so funny?” Written on the coloring book was the Scripture, “Be still and know that I am God.” I answered, “God has recently been speaking to me through this verse in so many ways.” She replied, “As I was purchasing your gifts, it was on my heart to get these exact things for you!” I assured, “Because the Holy Spirit told you to!”

TWO WEEKS LATER: I was feeling discouraged during my commute home, following an incident that unraveled in the midst of the holiday celebration. There are two people in my life who I am very close with, yet both despise the Lord.

I am usually very concious of how I respond to those who do not believe in our magnificent Creator. I remind myself that so often, they simply do not understand the truth. I recognize that I am set apart, and that my willingness to follow Jesus, allows for Him to work through me in marvelous ways. I am aware that I may very well be the only Bible many will ever read. Knowing I am a representative of Christ, I am very intentional with how I respond to those who not only direct insults toward me, but also toward the Lord, due to unbelief.

As I continued my drive along the seemingly, endless interstate, I began crying out to the Lord. Feeling as if I failed miserably at an attempt to redirect a non-believer, I asked God what I could possibly do that would result in a different outcome with this particular individual. I desperately wondered why I sometimes struggle with responding to those who reject Him, knowing that our purpose is to make heaven more crowded. In addition to my words, I let my frustration express itself through tears.

After arriving home, I wiped my tears, collected the mail from my mailbox, and opened the Christmas card I had received. The print on the front read, “Be still and know that I am God.”

I think it’s time I move to the passenger seat and give God the keys to the driver’s side. It’s not about me but about Him and His plans.

I’ve noticed that many people have been asking lately, “how do I hear from God?” Well, He is everywhere. He doesn’t always verbalize His presence. Princess, listen to your heart, recognize the nudges in your spirit, pay attention to your surroundings, and notice how He shines through people and circumstances. God’s hand is always at work. Abandon your urges to control, and let God lead. He is a mighty warrior (Zadai, 2015).

Princess, If you’re struggling – don’t blame God, RELY on God. He is always waiting to provide comfort and healing, but sometimes we unknowingly position ourselves in a way that prevents us from receiving it. God never fails.

Zadai, K. L. (2015). Days of Heaven on Earth. A Guide to the Days Ahead. United States of America.