When God Invades an Atmosphere

Rebecka Walter

It was an early Sunday morning as I parked my car (and actually succeeded at parallel parking) in front of a small, white building, and walked into an unfamiliar church for the very first time. I was greeted by firm handshakes and friendly smiles. A very pleasant woman handed me a flyer of the service schedule, and I quietly took my seat as more people began occupying the pews. The music orchestrated by an ancient organ and the small worship team that populated the stage to my left, transformed the atmosphere, followed quickly by the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit.

I had been invited to this place numerous times in the past but declined the offer due to my troubled place in life. However, time has passed, and because Jesus has graciously altered my journey, I thought – what a perfect opportunity to finally accept the invite!

As more people flooded the building and the celebration officially began, my attempts at remaining unnoticed certainly failed! I stuck out like a sore thumb, for I was the only person not dancing! Others were shouting, screaming, jumping and twirling around in circles! I thought – wow! These people are not afraid to praise Jesus! I was absolutely infatuated by my surroundings! This was a completely different atmosphere in comparison to the church I currently attended!

Worship service ended, and the pastor approached the pulpit. He was a much older gentleman; I assume in his 70s, and he lovingly welcomed everyone. I took a seat and thought – whew! I made it through worship! Now everything will be normal, right? Wrong!

The pastor began to speak in an old-fashioned, monotone voice, and I irritably situated myself comfortably in my seat preparing for hours of dull preaching. Without warning, he departed from the pulpit, ran into the crowd, and began shouting and declaring Jesus’s name! The crowd instantly matched his enthusiasm! The music deluged the atmosphere for a second time! I thought – what is happening?! They’re singing again?! The pastor was screaming, the congregation lifted their hands in praise, so many were dancing, and heavenly languages filled the air! The bishop spoke prophetic words into the crowd which caused an even louder uproar, and some people fell to the floor! I thought – Ah! okay, just do what everyone else is doing! Undeniably, the Holy Spirit filled the room in such an indescribable way!

Tears poured from my eyes, and I could not refrain any longer. I enjoyed wholeheartedly what was taking place around me! It created a perfect opportunity to release the abundant zeal and passion that I naturally harbor for Christ. Eventually, people started running around the sanctuary, so I joined them! It felt great! I began jumping too! Likewise, my heavenly language spilled from my own lips and my arms went up in praise! My spirit was overflowing with God’s magnificent presence! In the midst of this remarkable commotion, a woman turned to me and said, “God’s about to do something big in your life!” she then turned away and continued acclaiming Jesus’s name! I thought – what? wait! You can’t stop there! Proceed please! But I did not want to interrupt her shouts to Jesus, so I simply continued shouting to Jesus too!

The service was intense, but absolutely miraculous! The power of the Holy Spirit patently invaded the sanctuary. It was an extraordinary experience, and I’ve already scheduled my return visit! I was given prophetic words three times that day! Additionally, I was informed that I have been called to teach (This is not the first time I’ve heard this)!

Princess, God’s presence is exceptional, and He wants to reveal Himself to you! He has never disappeared – you unknowingly pushed Him away. Until your relationship with Christ deepens, your understandings remain shallow. You decide to either remain on the trivial shores with your Creator or eagerly venture beyond the waves (Hale 2016). He’s calling for you, Princess. Do not be afraid to answer. Take hold of His hand that He graciously extends outward, and let Him lead you into unimaginable territory. You will seize no regrets. You have a purpose, Princess, but you cannot fulfill that call until you seek guidance through Him. Embrace the love He pours onto you, and let your faith provide the momentum that is required to travel further with the Spirit who planned your existence before the world even knew your name (Jeremiah 1:5).

Hale, Mandy. Beautiful Uncertainty. Singleness, Surrender, and Stepping out on Faith. Thomas Nelson, 2016.