Your True Love is Waiting

Rebecka Walter

I understand your pain, Princess. I’ve felt it too. It appears that you’ve waited your entire life for the man who has given up his rib for you. Your strength feels depleted, and you’ve already exhausted numerous attempts at forcing countless men to fulfill what only your Adam was fashioned to complete. Because of this, it is believed that God has forgotten about you. Well, He hasn’t. He’s simply waiting for you to allow Him to be enough.

Treasure God merely for who He is, Princess, for we will forever be undeserving of His love. It is an absolute honor to be valued by Christ (Matthew 6:26), and nothing we do will ever compare to what He has already done for us (John 3:16).

One evening as I was conversing with a friend, she informed me of her feelings of inadequacy toward her current relationship. She explained her desire to increase her contributions and that limited direction and prosperity seasoned this particular chapter in her life. She expressed that the majority of her friends were either planning their weddings or preparing for children, which eluded God’s work in her own life. I reminded her of the importance of patience and encouraged her that God was simply allowing preparation for her next chapter. I continued to illustrate that God’s timing is usually misunderstood, and I suggested that she avoid comparing her life to others; especially because it is ignorant to draw conclusions based upon the minute portion of someone’s journey that is publicly displayed.

Stop allowing societal expectations dictate your beautiful journey, Princess. Society undeniably forces prospects onto your life, but God does not. Do not let your sole motivation be driven by the discovery of your Adam. Satan is aware of your weaknesses and desires too, and he intends to alter God’s perfect plan by constructing what appears beautiful. If God is removed from your focal point, your discernment may be silenced, and the enemy’s dishonesty will be disguised. Danger will not appear evil but rather good (Bevere, 2015).

Roughly over a year ago, shortly after I decided to eliminate distractions and grow in Christ, I was enjoying a run at my local gym. When my goal was reached, I cleaned the machine and approached the entrance to select a tanning bed. After brief conversation with the gentleman behind the counter, I was informed that he enjoyed tennis, was planning a move to North Carolina, and participated in Bible studies; essentially, everything I enjoyed and/or carried an interest for at that time! It was an effortless connection and his charisma evolved an attraction. However, not long after our friendship blossomed, my discernment began flashing warning signs of danger! God was instructing me to run, but my misunderstandings prevented my obedience. He and I enjoyed numerous hours of intense, God-centered conversations, and I was unable to identify why his presence conceived intense havoc within my spirit. Unfortunately, I held my desires above God’s protection and questioned His instruction for an immediate departure. Eventually God disclosed this man’s facade, and the true nature of his heart was revealed. Had I obeyed God upon initial instruction, the misery, guilt and heartache that followed may have been prevented. Trust me when I tell you, this was one of the worst deceptions I’ve personally encountered; however, I’ll spare you from the additional novel explaining why.

You cannot awaken love until the timing is right, Princess (Song of Solomon 2:7). Never compromise God’s timing for your own. God loves your Adam too, and He is crafting each of you for a special purpose. I am aware of the anguish that sometimes swathes your soul, but don’t ever remove a jewel from your crown to make it easier for just any man to carry (Reid, 2016). God provides you with meaning and worth, which is incomparable to what this world has the ability to offer. God awakens your true value, and genuine value does not search; it attracts (Lindsey C., 2013). Your Adam will recognize your beauty, and you will never have to question his love and respect (Proverbs 18:22). God knows the desires of your heart, Princess (Psalm 37:4), but don’t desire those things more than you desire God (Lindsey H., 2012). Recognize that God is the love you are unknowingly searching for, and any additional relationship should simply add to what God already completes! Nothing in a million, forever years should compromise what God has for you. Princess, Christ is your true love, and He is waiting for you.

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