Activating a Firewall Against the Enemy and Protecting Your Identity in Christ

Rebecka Walter

According to Gartner, security software is a multi-billion dollar industry and growing (Newsroom, 2015), because people know the danger of identity theft and the detrimental effects it can leave behind. Technological advances are incredibly prevalent in today’s world, which admits effortless access to pertinent information. We put several guards in place in an attempt to prevent this from occurring; however, sometimes the mindset of, this will never happen to me, permits a relaxed and unguarded approach. This is dangerous. If we do not protect the very thing that provides us with meaning by not having an active firewall in place, we become highly susceptible to the attacks of the enemy. Is this not also true with our identity in Christ? We protect what holds value in our lives. If we reverence our Creator, we will activate a firewall and protect the identity we have in Him, but if we place superficial value on the Lord, the opposite is true.

God calls us to live righteous and holy lives upon salvation, and doing so reflects a lifestyle that corresponds with our new nature (1 Peter 1:15). God does not reside in unholy territory, for He is a holy God. It is crucial to guard your heart and activate a firewall that protects against the malicious malware put in place by the enemy (Proverbs 3:5). The enemy uses deceptive tactics in an attempt to pilfer the identity you have established in Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 11:13-15). It is imperative to have a valid antivirus protective software installed within you that establishes discernment and filters everything through the Word of God. If it contradicts God’s language, discard it immediately. Refuse to open any folder that disrupts your spirit, and direct it into the trashcan icon. Continuously edify your firewall and prepare for assaults from the enemy (Ephesians 6:13-18). John Bevere reminds us in his book titled, Good or God, “this is not a playground but a battlefield” (Bevere, 2015). (Reference Ephesians 6:12)

When you become one with the Lord, you are no longer one with this world. You cannot be one with the spirit and one with the flesh. Your flesh carries desires that conflict with your spirit. The enemy is aware of your weaknesses and will do everything in his power to elude your path of righteousness. Thankfully God provides us with the power to guard against his attacks, but awareness is key (2 Corinthians 12:19).

One evening I was participating in a work-out at my local gym. This gym in particular prevented me from monitoring the type of music played through my pair of headphones. It was an extreme fitness class with a style that allowed everyone to complete intense exercises in unity. Countless speakers covered the walls, and an uncontrolled genre of music filled the atmosphere. Unexpectedly, a familiar song, littered with derogatory verbiage and profanity, began echoing throughout the air. This was a song I once enjoyed listening to, and it instantly spoke to the desires of my flesh. It suddenly awakened memories of my past. I envisioned dancing in a club, taking shots of vodka and using my body to purposely appeal to several lustful men. It was as if the enemy used this explicit song to arouse the lifestyle that had perished when I established my identity in Christ. Because my spirit is deeply rooted in Christ, my activated firewall detected the attack, captivated the lecherous thoughts that inadvertently invaded my mind, and protected my heart against the virus the enemy attempted to employ. Though this may appear minor, its lasting effects could have been detrimental had I not been prepared to fight.

You have to be equipped for battle at all times, Princess. Satan’s only desire is to kill, steal and destroy, but you have the power, through Jesus Christ, to divert his conniving and convincing schemes (John 10:10). Always proceed with caution. Be conscious of your thoughts, actions, involvements, desires, goals, understandings, emotions, surroundings etc., for they can either develop you or demolish your path of righteousness. You need to install a powerful antivirus software within you and activate a firewall that protects your identity in Christ. Princess, there is no other identity like it.

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