The Journey of Firework

Rebecka Walter

Independence Day proudly signifies America’s declaration of freedom, and it is diversely celebrated nationwide. A common ritual of celebration is the enjoyment of fireworks, but recognize the journey a firework endures before it has the opportunity to detonate into the beautiful creation it was fashioned for. Each explosive is precisely formed, packaged and carefully shipped. The firework is then eagerly purchased and cautiously stored until heat uncomfortably forces it to begin its journey upward. It travels along a narrow path – not always forming a perfect line. After finally enduring the process of becoming, each firework is able to ignite into the beauty it was intended to become. The dark quickly appreciates each colorful burst as it uniquely illuminates the night sky.

Recognize the journey we additionally endure before we have the opportunity to detonate into the beautiful creation we were fashioned for. Typically we surrender to God due to an invasion of overwhelming circumstance. Once this occurs, He willingly crushes the chains that bind us to this world and faultily hold us captive. It is after this that we experience true freedom; similar to the freedom represented by the firework. Because God uses everything for our good, our journey is precisely formed with an important purpose attached (Romans 8:28). Each purpose requires preparation, and sometimes this involves discomfort as we venture through the various seasons of our lives. Narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it (Matthew 7:14). As we begin the voyage in seeking our creator, our human nature may prevent a perfect travel, but after finally enduring the process of becoming, we are able to ignite into the beauty God intended. Through Him, the dark will quickly appreciate our colorful bursts.

As I was celebrating Independence Day on July 4, 2015, I was enduring uncomfortable circumstances which ultimately brought me to my knees. I poured my entire heart out to God, and completely surrendered to Him. I asked to be transformed into His likeness. I desired to fulfill my purpose and the entirety of its meaning. When I finally let go of the rope that was bridging the gap between my flesh and spirit, it was then that He carried me. Trials and tribulations permit imperative growth, and though I’ve come to know Christ, the voyage in seeking my creator still births hardships – the difference is my perception (James 1:2-4). God desires to prosper each of us (Jeremiah 29:11). He never forgets us and only ever intends good.

I never imagined that exactly one year later, I’d have another opportunity to enjoy the colorful burst of each firework, but this time with family I’ve never known but have always prayed for. God never forgot my prayer. Princess, when you completely surrender to the Lord, amazing things will happen. Moments may follow that seem difficult, uncertain or unclear, but that’s okay, Special one. That’s the journey of a firework.