What if We’re Supposed to Actually be Those Things for Someone Else?

Rebecka Walter

The propelling, morning breeze provided a sense of cleanliness as the sun began warming the air. My sunglasses protected my eyes, and Britt Nicole was playing through my speakers. I can promise you that my pitiful attempts at singing along echoed throughout the car. I was paying no extra attention to my surroundings as I routinely embraced my morning commute. I miserably drive a terribly, endless stretch of highway to work every week. Construction eludes my route; the frustrating construction that quickly edifies patience. However, this particular morning was unordinary. Traffic was heavy and intensified as we altered travel patterns. Annoyed but perceptive, I continued my commute. As I looked to my right and noticed my previous car, which I had said goodbye to a year ago, disabled on the side of the highway. Let me provide you with a little background.

I was 18 when I purchased my initial car. It was a 1999 Sunfire Convertible GT. When the top was down, exhilaration blanketed my soul. Eventually it made its age known, and I reluctantly purchased a reliable vehicle. The countless trips to the mechanic due to numerous engine and transmission complications finally took a toll on my wallet. I never knew the girl who purchased it, but I do know the car never traveled far from its original home. When I first drove it through the car wash, the seam around the rear window loosened, and I spent countless hours miserably operating a needle and thread. When I had initially bought the car, a sticker that read, “Miami State” embellished the rear window. I never cared enough to remove it. Additionally, I attempted to obtain a festive bra for the car, and unknowingly acquired one for a Mustang. Instead of returning it, I simply used the part that stretched over the headlights – that fit. Undoubtedly this 1999 Sunfire convertible displayed explicit characteristic, right?

I immediately recognized my previous car disabled on the side of the road, and God instructed me to stop and help. How awesome would that have been? “Good morning, how is my old car treating you today?” Out of everyone who could have stopped to assist, I am confident I would have pervaded the most understanding. However, dozens of cars surrounded me, and the exits were scarce. I let my human nature proceed, and I questioned God. “God, what? I am surrounded by cars traveling at least 70 mph and you want me to just stop and help her”? A part of me badly wanted to. I could not begin to inform you of the innumerable times I was identically placed in that position – stranded on the roadside with my hazards desperately flashing. I lost count of the numerous people who offered assistance.God kept urging me to turn around. “But, God” I continued, “Do you realize how far apart these exits are? I’d have to back track for miles due to the various ramp closures. God, do you really want me to be late for work”?

Unfortunately my justification chose to ignore God’s meaningful gesture, and my disobedience eventually led to guilt and a genuine prayer for forgiveness. It’s disheartening to realize the blessing I could have been for a complete stranger who I shared a commonality with, but fortunately I am certain God will provide similar opportunities for me to share His grace in the future.

This morning as I was indulging in a book and enjoying my coffee date with Jesus, God spoke to me through the pages. I’m currently reading a book titled, “Beautiful Uncertainty”. This book is compacted with beauty and truth! It explains the importance of completely surrendering to Christ in various ways. The author shares how meaningful a genuine relationship with God truly is. She reminds us that we choose to either remain in a kiddie pool with God or venture deep into the ocean. She shares her journey back to Christ and provides comfort, understanding, and encouragement for individuals desiring the same. This particular passage resided in my spirit as I read it. I am certain God was revealing why I should have offered assistance to the stranger stranded on the side of the highway.

It reads: “How often do we ignore God’s pulling and tugging on our hearts because the thing He’s telling us to do doesn’t seem safe, or convenient, or sensible? We so often go through life looking for signs, angels and touchstones to point us in the right direction but missing our opportunities to be those things for someone else. What if we’re not always supposed to be on the lookout for our guardian angels? What if that’s not enough? What if we’re supposed to actually be those things for someone else? When we do miss opportunities to be a blessing to others, we also lose the blessing ourselves”.

These words seize truth and power, Princess. Don’t ever ignore God’s instructions. He only ever has our best interest at heart. When we obey, it provides an opportunity for us to increase our faith. Though I will never be able to experience the beauty that God purposed to erupt that morning, thankfully I was still able to discover His intent. My human nature permitted worry, question and uncertainty, but it is crucial to remember that people need you just as much as you need them. You carry a blessing that every soul you encounter will benefit from experiencing. Princess, trust God. Instead of wondering if you should obey what God is calling you to do, be slow to speak and quick to listen (James 1:19). Princess, when God allows you an opportunity to bless someone, additionally, you are receiving a blessing yourself.