Get Out of Your Own Way

Rebecka Walter

We often create barriers with our own minds, which can significantly impact our special gifts and a calling. Additionally, we often fear the unknown, and refuse to sincerely fulfill our purpose and the entirety of its meaning.

We are all guilty for creating mediocre expectations, due to fearing the disappointment of the inability to accomplish the goals we should be constructing. However, it is time we stop comparing ourselves to others, and thwarting the skills we were naturally given. God knew us before we were placed inside of our mother’s womb (Jeremiah 1:5). We were created uniquely, and our journey was beautifully fashioned for our distinctive destiny.

We each play a huge part in God’s Kingdom; therefore, LET’S STOP HOLDING OURSELVES BACK! We are already victorious and should never let fear imprison us. Let us embrace it for the growth it is intended to bring. We should clasp onto our faith, and venture beyond mediocre. Let us abandon the countless excuses, doubts, fears and uncertainties, Princess, that prevent us from “GETTING OUT OF OUR OWN WAY”.