Rejection is God’s Protection

Rebecka Walter

Do you ever wonder why people cross your path at certain times? Do you ever wonder what their purpose is? Who benefits from the encounter? Anyone? Well, everyone benefits; however, not every soul we collide with is meant to continue with us on our journey with the Lord.

I am currently reading a book which I love and strongly recommend. It speaks of a girl who was broken but has discovered her purpose in God; a girl who continuously uses her mess as her message in a way to help others. It’s called, “Beautifully Broken”. The entire book is compacted with such meaningful and inspirational content.

Remember this! Princess, we all have a purpose and a destined path. We decide if we follow what God intended for us, or if we take a detour into the wilderness. He knew us before we were even placed inside of our mother’s womb (Jeremiah 1:5). He knew the mistakes we were going to make before we even made them. He knows our weaknesses, our temptations and even our faults, but He also promises to use everything for our good if we love Him (Romans 8:28). He allows specific circumstances to happen when they are meant to, and He enables specific people to cross our path at distinctive times (Isaiah 55:8-9). ALL IS PURPOSEFUL, Princess. It is ALL a piece to the foundation that is building our future. God has a reason, God has a plan, and God ALWAYS has a way. Not everyone is meant to go to the place in which you were called, and not every human being is meant to understand your journey. God closes doors that we are sometimes unable to close. Princess, trust, believe and embrace each step that leads to your unique, wonderful and meaningful destiny. You won’t regret it.